CAPAZ | Summer Schools
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Summer Schools

Summer schools are fundamental to foster academic reflection in the framework of activities implemented by CAPAZ to promote cooperation between Colombia and Germany. Summer schools offer a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange on subjects such as conflict and peace building in Colombia and other countries of the world, considering the contribution of its diverse participants and invited teachers. Testimonials of participant students in summer schools organized by CAPAZ show that academic learning, linked to other cultural activities, constitutes a favorable environment to promote cooperation among academics of different nationalities.  This section compiles testimonials from some of the students who have participated in our summer schools. We expect them to consolidate a platform of academic and scientific cooperation on peace and conflict studies between Colombia and Germany.

Do not miss the testimonials of our students!
  • Private-sector partnerships and peacebuilding: A non-binding process?

    My research is related to the phenomena of private-sector partnerships that promote development and peacebuilding in the region of Valle del Cauca in Colombia. I consider cross-sectoral partnerships as mechanisms to enhance the co-responsibility of organizations and firms. Specifically, I am interested in understanding criteria and rationalities involved in decision making processes, interactions between stakeholders and their commitment to generate regional transformations that face the challenges raised by transitional justice and peacebuilding....

  • A strange world: A Summer School in law in Germany

    I will always be grateful for the opportunity that the Institute CAPAZ gave me to take part in the Summer Law School in International and Comparative Law at the Justus-Liebig Universitat Giessen. Everything was new and rewarding in this experience. I thank the opportunity to share with people from different disciplines, nationalities and cultures and staying during a month in a foreign country. I thank the opportunity to travel around distinct cities and, obviously, the courses that I received in this period....